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"We Love Mr. and Mrs. "Maryland"

Dr. Bob & Annette Stagmer

See the pictures and read the article below...may we all emulate their LOVE!

In the presence of two Generals of Generals in the Lord's Army and Builders of the Wall in Maryland!

Dr. Robert & Annette Stagmer whose very presence commands awe and respect brought together an amazing team of other generals to pray and intercede for Maryland and the legislature in Annapolis. But the one overarching characteristic we felt from them and their entire team is overwhelming LOVE. They welcomed us with such open arms! At the end of a dinner we had with them and their team, we asked if we could call them "mom and dad"! One of the senior ladies asked to pray for us and at the same time Sharon and I reclined against her as children would a mother as she prayed and ministered to us. I could get into a lot of things that was said or what happened in prayer and intercession, but their I can't stop thinking about the LOVE expressed in my home state of Maryland. Thank you Mom and Dad Stagmer and team!



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