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New Mexico : After 8 months of drought, the Lord said, "Rain is coming..." And it surely did !

As we drove from Texas across the state line into New Mexico, we said, as we always do as we cross a border, "Lord, what is your heart for this state?" Immediately, His word was heard and then confirmed within a matter of hours.

The terrain for miles and miles was absolutely stunning! Nature in all its simplistic beauty displayed the distinct handiwork of God. On both sides of the highway, the desert was in full view with varied bushes scattered throughout and some mountains peak in the distance. With this view, the word was both encouraging and intriguing. I heard ....

"Outpouring of rain, a new rain, a holy rain, a saturating rain."

Often a statement or more comes, perhaps a vision is given, and the pieces of the word come together by the time we share with those gathered at the Capitol.

As we drove further, a vision of a water trough came to mind, the container that holds water to feed animals or a devise between the tracks that allows water to be scooped into a steam locomotive which powers it to run.

Before I got out of bed the following day, the day we headed to the Capitol, the phrase was heard out of the blue, yet strongly within ... "Rain is coming - Prepare the troughs."

As I sat up in bed, a painting on the wall was directly in front of me. Cattle were drinking water in a stream that went through the desert. The Lord was creating the trough and the water would increase as it flowed from the mountain unto an abundant river. This was felt in the natural to a measure, but in the spirit in fullness as a direct outpouring of revelation and inspiration was the portion for New Mexico. This was only a portion of the total word, but for this blog... it's the important focus. Why?

As I shared about the rain... immediately excitement and a comment was given,"It hasn't rained since October." I added, with certainty... "It will and soon."

The windows were closed as we were in our room that evening. Suddenly clashes of thunder were heard and rain began to fall in Santa Fe. As we walked around Old Town Albuquerque the following day, it downpoured for hours and we grinned at each other as many vendors commented how it hadn't rained in months and how wonderful it was. Throughout the night it continued, creating flooding in spots in New Mexico. As we drove out of the state that day, we saw multiple rain clusters across the desert's horizon.

JOB 22:28 "You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways." The Lord spoke... the rain is here... and the troughs are being prepared to quench the thirst and provide for the harvest which is also on it's way. It was declared... and thus it was time. The rain surely has come !!!

Note ~ we received word days later from the leader of the team meeting at the Capitol -

"And the rains continue! I'm told the last good rains came last October, with only a light dusting of snow in February. We were long overdue! Thank you both for playing a part ! Much intercession has, and is taking place fo NM, an your role was obviously a key part! To God be the Glory!"


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