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Delaware ~ Dover : A State of Firsts

In the beginning of our 2nd stage of the Return to Covenant America Journey we realized quickly that Delaware was highlighted with many 'firsts.'

On May 13th we were officially commissioned during the annual spring gathering of International Accelerated Missions, the ministry that Return to Covenant is a part Though we had completed the first phase, the 9 local states around New York, we knew this commissioning was important and timely as we launched further into the nation.

Delaware was the first state we visited after the commissioning, the first of the second stage ... the first state of the nation, the first state that we had representation from a First Nations tribe, the Nanticoke Tribe, the first state we had an official welcome, the first to have a separate meeting room in the Capitol for our time together, and the first to start with corporate worship. As folks gathered from several networks, it was also the first place we were told, "we have been trying to get together for a long time, and now this is the first time it has happened." Praising the Lord for these firsts!

And the first for such a word ...

As we ask the Lord to show us His heart for the state, we often see unusual pictures or sense, what is to us, something so random that we preface sharing it with, "this is what I saw, this is what I heard." And so often eyes light up, an exclamation is heard and the reason is explained.

As we drove into Delaware, Ken heard, "The Land of the Broken Glass." As he shared, it was confirmed by several in the group. Washing up on the shores of the Delaware coastline are pieces of broken glass.. Yes, the land of the broken glass.

In fact, our Nanticoke sister shared that her grandmother would use it in making Native America jewelry as it was so beautiful and precious ...

Just like the state of Delaware and its' people!



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