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Throughout the generations, we have wandered, from time to time, as a people and as a nation in upholding our promises to the covenant with the Lord. The spiritual and moral fabric is well worn and torn and the house, which is divided, is crumbling.  One thing alone will unite this country and us as individuals - turning back to the Word and the Lord's Covenant of Love and Truth.

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Ken and Sharon Walker

We providentially met in November 2020 during a 400th year anniversary gathering to commemorate and reaffirm the Mayflower Compact. We celebrated our marriage in August 2021. Sharon is the Overseer of International Accelerated Missions (IAM) and has led strategic prayer assignments in New York State. Ken, a former Congressman in Oklahoma and army veteran, directs IAM Gatekeepers, a ministry influencing the 7 pillars of society. We desire to see our nation restored in  covenant with God and His glory and  favor increase in our land. 


The Ministry of Return to Covenant

The Lord Himself is the initiator and faithful keeper of the Covenant. Our part is to receive and walk by grace and faith. In line with the Mayflower Compact’s covenant made to the Lord and with each other, Return to Covenant is a ministry with the vision of ‘Transforming Lives and Transforming Lands.’ The ministry mandate is to call people into covenant with God Himself, believer’s to yielded submission to the Lord’s Word, the nation back to God’s covenant foundation, and people to covenant with each other. 


Return to Covenant America Tour

Through a time of prayer and fasting, the Lord spoke the assignment

“50 States/50 Capitols.” From April through October 2022, we will make

a 7 circle journey to all 50 State Capitols. We'll meet with church leaders, key state legislators and governors sharing the message of returning to covenant with God and each other. We’ll also take communion, pray, and call out the prophetic destiny and alignment of the states through the Word and deeds. As we move from state to state we, in essence, will be sowing the torn moral and spiritual fabric of the nation together as the United States. The journey will culminate in Tulsa, Oklahoma to raise the resown fabric as a united covering over the United States.

America Tour
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