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Pennsylvania ~ Harrisburg

William Penn declared he would "make and establish such laws as shall best preserve true Christian and civil liberty, in all opposition to all unchristian practices... God, that has given it to me, through many difficulties, will, I believe, bless and make it the seed of the nation." This land dedicated to God is truly the seed of the nation.

As we walked into the conference room in the State House, intercessors from around Pennsylvania were already praying and declaring the Word. Congressmen and women, legislative staff, and ministry leaders gathered from Pennsylvania, and also joined from New York, and New Hampshire. Each seat at the large table was taken, in fact every seat in the row that lined the walls and the side section was occupied. More came in and now the weekly prayer gathering was at standing room only. Much passionate prayer is lifted for members of the House and Senate, items pertinent to the week's focus, Supreme Court decisions and concerns and directives for the state. It was an awesome gathering led by Abby Abildness, HAPN State (and tri-state) Leader.

"Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and teachable life in all godliness and reverence." 1Tim. 2:1-2

We felt, as we entered into this beautiful governmental state and shared with Abby, that Pennsylvania is Land of First Love, the Land of Cascading Glory, the Evergreen State, the Covenant State. So many names that the Spirit of the Lord is showering on this land He loves! The Highways of Pennsylvation are highways of righteousness for the flow of righteousness and justice around the country and around the world. A Crown State…the keystone of faith which holds the state together. There has been a crown placed upon Pennsylvania for the nation (Psalm 103:4). That which the Lord has seeded into Pennsylvania as the seed of the nation is bringing perpetual and eternal fruit. Faith, compassion and love have been the roots.

I shared with Abby that I saw an old skeleton key going into an big old lock. The key would be now reach a back portion. I sensed it was an intimate part of the lock mechanism, a part which has been hidden and is reserved to be reached now. The Lord will go deep into the heart of Pennsylvania and turn, unlocking part of the tap root that has been held to be unlocked for this time to bring forth what is destined for the state and also for the nation. Abby shared receiving a key at the 13 Colony Meeting a few weeks ago from Chuck Pierce. The word was given by Chuck that "Pennsylvania will unlock a treasure in field that will unlock the whole field. There are hidden mines and treasures in the state and will remake the treasure system of this nation. Pennsylvania is going to see an unlocking you have never seen before."

We stand with this word, this governmental state, the leaders and with the words of William Penn and say simply, but with resound, "Yes and Amen."



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