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North Carolina ~ Raleigh A State of Rest

As we left our stay at the Founders Inn, in Virginia Beach, and drove to North Carolina, we wondered if the Lord had given us similar words. "Lord what is your heart for this state?" That's the gist of our prayer as we wait individually before the Lord. We rarely share with each other before releasing it to any gathered at the State House. Often the words interplay, but for North Carolina they mirrored. What we tangibly felt in this state was undeniable.

As we shared with the group gathered at the Capitol, one of us stated hearing the words, "Safe Harbor, a beacon if you will, a lighthouse" and saw a boat being guided safely into a padded dock. The other sensed the winds strongly blowing exposing the shore and yet the waves rolled back in as a blanket of covering and protection and heard that North Carolina was being taught to "navigate through the storm." North Carolina is a shelter, a hiding place and an Inn of Rest for weary and wounded souls.

In Matthew 4:35-40, Jesus told the disciples they would be crossing over to the other side. Yet, in the midst of the storm that quickly arose, they panicked calling out as He slept soundly in the stern of the boat. "He arose, rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, 'Peace, be still.' And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.'" That phrase "peace, be still" was repeated several times amidst our words. North Carolina carries a peace in the midst of all contrary winds, and offers a south wind (Songs 4:16) to blow bringing rest and refreshing. The south winds and the gentle rain come to bring healing and comfort. The song Healing Rain resonated in our spirit as we played the song by Michael W. Smith

State of Rest, Safe Harbor, Good Samaritan State, peace, comfort, mercy, The Inn, Healing Rain, Hiding Place, shelter from the storm, a sifter, a thresher, a purifier ... softening and sifting the soil unto harvest.

There was such a strong sense amidst our words that North Carolina was a place of healing to those in the state, for those visiting the state, for those passing through the state, and ultimately for the nation.

We left North Carolina to go to South Carolina the following day. Yet our path returned us back to North Carolina for several days. As soon as we crossed the state line once again we felt the tangible refreshing peace and rest.

We are still here in NC. We visited briefly with Barbara today at a ministry called Living Waters and confirmation again came as she shared that the state is a portal state and said near the exact words that 'those who pass through will experience healing'. We have experienced that as we were escorted up a steep hill amongst the trees of Moravian Falls to stay tonight in the most luxurious and yet homey place all to ourselves.

It is a gift! A needful day of rest and rejuvenation... and as I type...

the sound outside is of the most gentle down pouring of healing rains!



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