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Florida ~ Tallahassee : A Key State

We walked into the Capitol building, the towers hovering over the historical old Capitol Building. Up to the top, the elevator took us to the 22nd floor, and to a most awesome group awaiting our arrival.

There were 10 total from several networks, governmental intercessors, ministry leaders, and pastors. The 22nd floor is a regular meeting place for intercession as windows surround the walls providing long-range views in each direction. And it was the optimal spot to gather with this awesome team.

The phrase "Key State" was heard as we waited before the Lord! In terms of being 'of crucial importance.' Also 4 old keys were seen hanging from a large ring. The Lord unpacked that they related to authority in the areas of blessing, birthing, awakening and harvest (Is. 22;22 and Mt. 16:19). Interestingly one of the men was a leader in a ministry called Keys of Awakening.

Another picture that came for Florida was of a gun. I shared with a bit of hesitancy as recent shootings have been headlined in the news recently. But the picture was clear... a pistol depicting the state and Tallahassee was the trigger point, the magazine was inserted at Pensacola and shot through 'The Keys'. A small 22 caliber pistol as a concealed carry with spiritual stealth and hidden power. As the picture was shared, several eyes opened wide with acceptance and agreement. Ken saw a slingshot of praise and that the state would throw, as it were, into the nation with power and effect.

We sat back as the group, amongst themselves, started strategizing the cities that fall in the site line connecting it to Israel and then back through to the rest of the United States.

This collaborative group was collaborating in the unpacking of the word.

During our previous state visit a man had a picture and a word for us! He saw a Uhaul truck that we were driving filled with lots of boxes as presents. As we shared with the states, we were bringing the boxes, unwrapping and opening them and then they would take them and take the contents and further unpack it through prayer or action.

And in Florida, the very next state... we saw that very vision unfold before us. We were not the center of attention, just the deliverers of a package which they corporately received.


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Paula VanLeuven
Paula VanLeuven
Jun 07, 2022

Yesterday, I overheard Ken share about receiving gifts from tht states. I blurted out, "You'll soon be needing a UHaul."

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