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Massachusetts ~ Boston

Updated: May 1, 2022

As we walked into the stone church the sound of worship welcomed us and permeated the atmosphere. Our first Capitol visit was filled with the sweetness of worship and was the perfect way to begin.

We looked out of the window of this newly acquired site for the House of Prayer and the State House was directly across the street. What a joy to join this group for their 3rd time gathering in this destined place. Michele Charles, the HAPN (Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network) state leader for Massachusetts joined us in Plymouth for the launch earlier in the day and now led this meeting. Here is a place where ones from the Church and Government pillars can join to advance the Kingdom of God and where legislators can find a solace for prayer.

One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts. - Psalm 145:4

The room was filled with worshipping intercessors! Many were part of YWAM (Youth with a Mission) Boston and in a short time another group of young people arrived, YWAM Texas visited to intercede and lead further in worship.

Listen to this word of prophecy given by Chuck Pierce about worship at the State Houses.

We found this several months after the Lord told us to go to all 50 states and capitols

Words came forth of intimacy with the Lord and a fresh birthing out of Boston for the nation.

As Mary said, 'Be it unto me according to Your word" and birthed the very Presence of the Lord, so too shall there be the individual and the corporate YES out of Boston that shall bring forth new seeds which shall sprout forth and the seeds yet in the barn will be planted. Massachusetts will birth anew and bear fruit across the nation.

Marriage Covenant

Based on an HAPN Certificate of Marriage, Michele led the group in making a Marriage Covenant individually with the Lord. Our journey began with worship, with sweet intimacy with the Lord and with a dedication to COVENANT. The Covenant of Oneness with the One who is the initiator of Covenant itself. Love that ! Beautiful beginning !!!

Prototype for the nation was declared that as that act of commitment took place that day in Boston, it will also spread as a prototype for the nation. The response of intimacy between the Government and the Church with the Government saying, "Have your way! We need You. Come be with, among and a part of us." Take a moment and read Song of Songs 2:2-14 in the Passion Translation. It was read, sealed the time and also is a portion to further ponder as the Lord is establishing and bringing a new intimacy and birthing out of Massachusetts.

As we stood in the rotunda and took communion we declared new beginnings as above us were 8 eagles at the crest of this glorious room. We saw a mural depicting Concord, on this anniversary of the start of the Revolutionary War, and brought forth the word from Chuck Pierce, "I will explode my presence in Boston, and I will move from there to overtake New Hampshire and Maine... And then I say, out of that explosion as you come from Maine you will see every state -- EVERY ORIGINAL STATE -- break its rebellion fold against me. For the states have rebelled against me, but now they will realign, saith the Lord." And that a greater unity among the Body of Christ is coming in a fresh communion as eyes will be open in the breaking of the bread and the uniting of the church.

The House of the Lord is being rebuilt again over the United States - One Nation UNITED Under God in Covenant with Him!


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