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Maine ~ Augusta

Updated: May 1, 2022

Dirigo, the state motto greeted us on a huge plaque as we entered the State House in Augusta. "I lead" or "I direct" is the meaning. Maine, the State of first light, a leader of light, coming forth in full glory. We felt and decreed that and much more.

As each state has a unique feel, so our time in each Capitol building is also unique and Maine was extremely precious. Robin McClaughlin and her husband are HAPN leaders

for the state. Robin met us along with a devoted intercessor, Maureen.

As the state which is the first place the sun hits the nation it' not surprising that we felt spiritual darkness before arriving at the Capitol and in some town and hamlets during our stay. Why? It just confirms that which is destined over a life or a state will often be contested in the spirit and the enemy will want to bring the opposite. But the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover over Augusta and over all of Maine as the waters cover the sea and the Light will shine in and through with radiance and splendor.

We declare over the states their true identity and now is the time of arising!

Arising glory is coming over Maine. It's time to rejoice and be thankful in worship. As waves pounding the seashore, there has been a pounding. The enemy would try to hide Maine, even from the Body of Christ, but Maine will shine and the world will know and recognize. We felt and declared that Maine will lead in praise and worship and a new sound, a new song, a unifying sound will be heard even from the hidden mama's and papa's interceding. God will bring a unifying declaration. A breaker that will quickly break the darkness like a light switch being turned on. Psalm 63; Psalm 108:1-2; Lam. 3:22-23

The Persevering State ~ A name change

As Jacob wrestled with the angel, he wrested to come into his true identity. He had name change. Maine knows how to persevere and will not let God go until the blessing and destiny comes forth. And so God is stripping Maine of the old name and calling Maine, Prince of God, and ruler with God. People won't recognize Maine as there will be such a great transformation. Hidden no more !

The ground was struck with the torch for the new fire to be started in Maine.

And the shofar sounded the new song, the new sound, a unifying sound over and from Maine. A main state coming forth in full glory !



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