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The Importance of Being Welcomed

As Sharon and I started planning this 50 state- 50 capitol journey, we thought it might just be the two of us traveling to and declaring the words of the Lord at the capitols. But then, we had some suddenly surprises.

Prayer leaders and intercessors started to find out what we were doing. They wanted to join us at the capitols. These people have stood for the move of God in their states for a long time.

When we connected with them, they began using the same words over and over again- "We Welcome You to our state!"

For them, welcoming is an important act of receiving those the Lord has sent. Literally, a long-time South Carolina resident stated, "We welcome you in the name of the Lord and as people sent from the Lord. We welcome what He has to say through you." For us, the welcome is a covenant invitation. The residents of that state are saying, "you are welcome into our home." They are establishing us in covenant with them.