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Eagle Eyes ~ a watchman on the wall!

We had just arrived at our stay in Washington State: a sweet cottage that a friend blessed us with for a short time of rest on the Puget Sound . The water in front of the home ebbed and flowed. When we arrived, the tide was out and the view below was of much sand, gravel and seaweed. In a matter of hours though the water would come right up to the barrier, making the dwelling feel like a house boat. Seals played in the water and lazily communed on a large nearby rock. Harry, the Heron, a longtime resident was seen moving about idly, But the most majestic sight of all....

... was the Eagle that suddenly flew about 200 feet from the window soon after we arrived. Landing in the shallow water, we watched him 'watching' for a long time calmly as if in command of the water below. Not rushed, not cautious... as a watchman gathering the feel of the territory and then he lifted his majestic wings and off he went.

We were grateful to see an eagle so close for so long. The national bird graced us for such a time as this. But then the next day another flew in close, once again.

Ken was typing near a large window, when he noticed movement. This time an eagle perched himself in a tree so close. With a magnifying glass, we could see the black rims around his piercing eyes. Majestic, beautiful, dignified and regal.