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The Best Lobster Roll EVER

So, I must give my qualifications to judge whether or not this is the best lobster roll ever.

I, Ken, graduated valedictorian of my culinary college, worked as a chef at the 2nd best restaurant in the United States as rated by Conde Nast, and wrote restaurant reviews.

RED'S EATS in Wiscasette, Maine is by far the most scrumptious, mouth-watering, filled to the brim and overflowing lobster roll Sharon and I have ever eaten. No degree needed though to determine is this the best ever! Look at it! There must be more than a whole lobster in each roll. Oh, and then the local drawn butter that you dip the roll in....I must be in heaven on earth. We waited two hours on our honeymoon in Maine for this experience and was greeted by an NPR reporter wanting to know why someone would wait 2 hours to order. Just look at the picture of the roll, you'll know why. Red's Eats has been listed as the best in more publications than there are publications. We came back on opening week after we visited the Augusta capitol building. We were happy to see no line as tourist season doesn't hit for a while. But after we showed up, then so did the line. A must go experience before you die.


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