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Hi, we are glad you are here !

We believe you are here by divine appointment. We sense the Lord's leading upon Return to Covenant as a mandate and a mission. And we sense that you will be stirred as you read through the pages to be involved.  Together, we will see America and it's people to return to covenant foundation with God resulting in the restoration and increase of His glory and favor shining on the land once again.

Carrying the age-old message of Return to Covenant with God and each other, we will be journeying from Capitol to Capitol, from April through October 2022.  The Lord has shown us that what we are doing, in essence, is sewing the nation back together and raising up a canopy for the restoration and increase of the glory of God by uniting the states again.  

Consider joining us as a Covenant Partner, following us through the blogs, connecting with us through the contact page or directly with us and as we cross the country, and believing with us for the restoration and return of America to its covenant foundations. 


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