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A Cloud the Size of a Man's Hand - Flowing with the Spirit

Many of us know the story of Elijah telling Ahab that there is going to be rain after 3 and 1/2 years. He told his servant to go look towards the sea. It was only on the 7th time looking towards the sea that the servant said, "A cloud as small as a man's hand is rising from the sea." Then the rain came heavy after all that time.

As Sharon and I go from capitol building to capitol building we seek the Lord on how He sees each state. We ask, "What is your heart for this state? or How do you see this state?" We don't want our opinions. We want God's thoughts and heart on it. Our job is to see, believe, and proclaim what God sees and says.

I think Elijah was training his servant. I think Elijah "saw" the cloud the size of a man's hand before his servant did - long before his servant did. I think he saw it in the spiritual before he saw it in the natural. I think the servant kept going back until he got into agreement with the word of the Lord through Elijah.

It is like this when Sharon and I are asking the Lord for what he sees. It often starts with one word or one picture. And then, like the clouds rolling in, the word or picture begins to unfold. And then, when we are with the groups at the capitols who are anticipating and expecting the Word of the Lord, the fullness of the rain comes forth. We often are headed to a capitol where folks are gathering in an hour or two and we just have 1 word. We joke about it actually saying, "Lord, you better come through again. There are people gathering." We don't get anxious. We get expectant knowing the Lord always comes through!

So, how do you apply this to your life. Often, when the Lord wants you to do something, talk to someone, go somewhere, or start something, it begins as one word or one picture or one prompting. You may ask, "Is this you Lord, or is this me?" Explore the prompting or as I like to say, "Obey the little promptings.' Sometimes you are compelled to do this or that. It won't leave your thoughts or spirit. But, it will often start small like the cloud rising over the sea. And then, it begins to unfold like the clouds of a storm. And then, it begins to rain. Glory to God

See it! Agree with the Lord on it! Believe that He uses you! Trust the Lord! Do it!


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